Someone today asked me why I draw/paint women. I don't think I had ever been asked this before, or even really thought through it. The question led to my response:

"Well I love skin, painting flesh is so difficult. And I guess I'm more partial to painting women because I'm more comfortable with it, maybe because I am one. I'm more familiar with it, with the bone structure and fragility and frailty of the woman's body. Saying that makes me think I need to paint more men and challenge myself. I also like to try to show some kind of desperation, and I sadly connect that to something about women."

That made me think, well why not try to show those things in men? Why do women have to be linked with vulnerability and desperation. Men are just as emotionally vulnerable as women. 

So my next venture is to capture this idea in men. It's something I'm so unfamiliar with, just the body structure alone! So I'm a little nervous, but very excited. 



I'm going to start making prints soon. I can make them any size, so email if you're interested. I'm particularly excited to get some prints of this baby 



I've decided I'm going to start doing a small 30-45 minute sketch (any medium, any subject) every day (or at least 5 days a week) and I'll put them on the website for sale. I'm thinking $10-$20 per small peice. If nothing else I'll have a library full of cute little daily documents :)



I'm doing a free little commission, and it's driving me nuts. I usually don't paint to get facial features completely accurate, because it doesn't necessarily have to look like the person I'm referencing. I'm quickly learning how difficult it is... painting, re painting, ruining what I did before because something was off. Ugh. It feels defeating and I want a mimosa. BUT, the purpose of me offering a free commission was for practice, so I guess I'm meeting my goal at least. 


To feel alone with a human presence 

A room full of skin that feels empty

To hear breathing but feel vacancy 


I think of new series all the time, but life and time gets in the way of me pursuing it. I want to create visually what I wrote above, so the next few things I work on will be about that. 

Got this underpainting done yesterday. I'm painting on stainless steel, it's interesting and I'm enjoying the way the paint is going onto it. 


Tattoo blog

I found multi pronged needles today, they came in my kit I just didn't see them. 


So I got an orange and played around with shading attemps 


That's all I have for this morning. 

I added a pic to my last post, in case you saw it before I added it. I also wanted to say that I don't have any good shader needles, so I might be mostly lining until I get some. From my understanding, it's the machine that is the liner or shader, and I can adjust mine to either, but I've seen tutorials on shaders with multi pronged needles that act almost as brushes. I only have one pointed needles which make it difficult and painful for thick lines or blocks of color. 

Tattoo blog

The tattoo machine I ordered was finally delivered yesterday, and I'm going to document my journey with it. 

It took me a while and many a YouTube video to learn how to get it to even come on. Once I did, I started messing around on the practice skins that came with my kit. So many things impact the line that the needle makes-- such as the voltage and the placement of the contact bar-- so I wanted to do a bunch of different things and see what kinds of lines I was making. The problem with the practice skin, however, is that once I make a line and go to wipe off the excess ink, all of the excess just smears and I can't tell what is permanent and what is just kind of stained. 

So I decided to try my foot. Tattooing on skin was a lot different than the practice skin. (It's also extremely scary and intimidating because you have to be clean and careful with new needles and gloves and whatnot whereas with practice skins it just doesn't really matter.) I had to use a higher voltage, and adjust my needle length and contact bar length. I kept trying lines on my foot and although I could feel the needle, I wasn't creating any permanent lines. I upped the voltage and finally managed a dot.  


That tiny one in the middle is there for good. Everything else is just a surface smudge. I'm about to call it quits for today. I never knew so much went into it!


Also I did this because I wanted practice with lines on flesh 



I'm going to try to do a small study every day for a little bit. I never finish anything lately so hopefully this will get me back in the swing of things. 

here's number 1.