Someone today asked me why I draw/paint women. I don't think I had ever been asked this before, or even really thought through it. The question led to my response:

"Well I love skin, painting flesh is so difficult. And I guess I'm more partial to painting women because I'm more comfortable with it, maybe because I am one. I'm more familiar with it, with the bone structure and fragility and frailty of the woman's body. Saying that makes me think I need to paint more men and challenge myself. I also like to try to show some kind of desperation, and I sadly connect that to something about women."

That made me think, well why not try to show those things in men? Why do women have to be linked with vulnerability and desperation. Men are just as emotionally vulnerable as women. 

So my next venture is to capture this idea in men. It's something I'm so unfamiliar with, just the body structure alone! So I'm a little nervous, but very excited.