I didn't know how else to add this video other than a link, so here it is on youtube.

I've wanted to do this series for a while, but for some reason I've been putting it off. I had the idea of the physical structure, but I think I wasn't sure what content to add. My conceptual work always leads back to some sort of illusion or perspective theme. This is because I want to talk about the way we create and archive memories, or even the way we process moments. It all depends on our perspective in the situation. When we're young, our idea of reality is not true, our brains can't process everything and the complexities of life, so when as adults we go back and think of our childhood memories, we usually note that the way we remember things is kind of silly and doesn't make much sense. The same goes when we're blinded with love or lust or hate. 

This series has to do with perception vs. reality. It's loosely put because it could go so many ways, and I want it to be universally applicable. 

Here's an in progress of my first little study.