Painting vs. drawing

I'm not a natural painter, I'm a natural drawer. And I think I'm realizing that the reason painting comes so much less naturally to me is the non-greyscale aspect. Unless of course I would be painting in greyscale, which even then I have to mix the white and black. With graphite, it's mostly a matter of softening and hardening your push on the paper. You can work continuously while looking at your drawing and image back and forth. With painting however, you can't do that because there are so many shifts in color. I can't just lighten my brush when an area goes to white or yellow when I was using blue or green. I have to stop my motion, adjust what's on my brush, and continue. It almost feels like endless tiny interruptions. There comes a point when it all feels to flow, when the motions of applying paint to my brush seem to be an extention of my painting and observing, but it takes a while for me to get in that place.